Foolish Fish

Does having THE KNOWLEDGE empty your yard?
Not necessarily — but once you recognize the omnipresence,
persistence, and significance of dust, 
your fanatical housekeeping days are behind you.

What profit can be derived from 
rejecting your bequeathment?!
‘T’would be a foolish fish who failed to recognize water.

how things were and are
before your mind, perforce, 
turned away from how things are.


And it is not accurate to say: “Welcome back home,”
for it is scheduled that mind takes every man
from his animal place of birth to 
where his life as a mortal must be played. 
Those with THE UNDERSTANDING have 
extended the journey to its present ultimate:
they see where mind has taken man.


Those who bemoan having gone from G to H
do not grasp the geography-of-the-inevitable,
nor the reward of its realization.
All are prisoners in the jail of reality —
but because of understanding this
those with THE UNDERSTANDING are free —
free to do whatever is possible for prisoners to do.


When you realize that you can referee your own life,
(leastwise the bouts that occur solely in your head),
you will be pleased to discover that after:
”…7, 8, 9,” comes: “Get up — you’re free to go now.”

  The “truth” is outdoors  —  THE UNDERSTANDING, not.


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