Where I Truly Am

                       What you think you want,
                    and what you think you don’t,
                        both follow your thinking.
That which is automatic and not thought about, is necessary;
that which is automatic and thought about is merely redundancy.

To be alive is necessary;
to be redundant is to make being alive annoying.

                                He said to a mirror:
                                ”Seeing me like this 
                                 reminds me of you.”


Living, just you, in a cave with THE KNOWLEDGE;
never a shortage of dead wood, thoughts for the fire.


                                Said he to the flames:
                                “On the walls of the cave,
                                 live my shadows;
                                 where I truly am,
                                  none can say.”

  He alone, with THE UNDERSTANDING, knows that no one knows.
…which sets him free from the realm of shadows.


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