The Magic Lantern

How can it be Monday again already?

   How can it not be?!

How can we be back here again?

   Where else could we be?!

How many different times can a man see the same reality?

    How many times can our local reality produce, in the same body, a different man?!

…(Don’t you find it easier not to concentrate on the problem, here at the beach?)

What ordinary men call “moral issues” are actually biological realities that ordinary men are not yet equipped to face.

There was once a world ruled by beings who lived beneath the surface, and who were invisible.

   ”Then how do you know that they existed — much less that they ruled?”

Ah! –  but such is the only explanation for what goes on in that place.

There was once a man with a magical lantern who went off in search of a fabled prize. He never found it, but did later learn that it was a magical lantern.


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