Lash Out

Blind creatures lash out. Healthy animals defend themselves physically, but blind creatures lash out – lacking physical threat.

Ordinary humans are mentally blind; their thinking lashes out in defense of itself, which is under constant attack from others of the ordinary persuasion.

Everyone is a sightless apologist for their ideas; a myopic DEFENDER-OF-THE-FAITH for their beliefs, which are necessary components in the progress of mankind, which occurs via gradual changes that take place as a result of the conflicts these impassioned defenses produce.

Everyone with an idea, belief or opinion to defend is blind.  Everyone engaged in such defense is normal, and doing life’s work.

For thought to serve the collective interest, it must be deformed; it must limp, favoring one side or the other; it must be blind in at least one eye, deaf in one ear.  It should not be surprising that the deformed will lash out in defense of themselves at even the scantiest provocation.


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