An I Test

Questions concerning a creature’s virility, which inflame a flea, are ignored by an elephant. An elephant knows-what-it-knows regarding its immense strength, and thus about the matter has nothing to say, nothing to defend.  About such strength, a flea can only dream…and fret.

Ordinary minds lash out
when their ideas are questioned;
from any others, nothing is heard.

What a blind man does not see, 
he must defend when he describes it.
What a sighted man sees, he knows he sees,
and he sees that those around him are blind,
and thus cannot be expected to see,
and thus deserve no censure.
The blind see what they see, 
and the sighted see what they see.

An I Test:

If you have views which you will defend – you are blind;
If you lash out at those who question your ideas – you are deformed – normal,
but mentally deformed when compared to an elephant.
If you think that others would be better off if they adopted your view – you are moronic, you are normal, but still less intelligent than it is possible for a human to be.

And the final part of THE I TEST:

If you feel justified in lashing out at others, then you have no personal I – your body is simply host to a cow I; a blind, deformed, limping cow, although quite likely an upstanding member of the faceless and clueless herd.Lash out you mighty heifers!  Expound on your superior mental perspective, you insightful bovines, and all of you unjustifiably ignored brilliant-fleas-waiting-to-be-discovered.  Give the good old royal finger to those pretentious, insouciant pachyderms – who do they think they are?


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