You’re as stupid as who you talk to, and who do you converse with more than anyone in the world – yourself – that running commentary in your head that consists of a voice in consciousness doing-the-talking, and an ear doing the – taking-it-all-in.

You don’t have to worry over being “conned” by some slick, sham guru who will mislead you, and mis-instruct you for god knows what nefarious reason.  Forget about such nightmares, you’re already living one involving just you, and the automatic ideas that life has so thoughtfully provided.

A man who says, “I am asleep, and need someone to tell me how to awaken,” is ultimately an idiot.  A man who says, “I am asleep, and I KNOW that I am asleep, and from this knowledge will teach myself how to awaken,” will prove to be a twice fried idiot if he does not ultimately cease listening to the thoughts in his head saying this, and turn what un-entangled attention he may have to the investigation of the thoughts’ parentage.

So ‘tis true for the few:

Being engaged in the inner conversation is to be involved with the world’s dumbest activity.

If you are seriously listening to what is being said in your head, regardless of the non-tangible subject, you are not only normal, ordinary and sane, but also an idiot, a moron and a fool. You will not find how to satisfy that delightfully tantalizing hunger that is the driving force in the lives of a few.


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