It’s Made Up

As always, in these daily reports, my words are addressed to a self-selected few, and have no relevance to ordinary people and their ordinary lives.  To them, obviously, what I just said is insane, and simply not so.

The seeking of advice and instruction, and the discussion of personal problems, is a vital adhesive to binding together the herd of humanity.  For the few with the irrepressible taste for freedom and inner individuality, it’s another story, (the one we cover here).

1. The world you can’t touch – man’s mind made up.
2.  Any problem had is also – made up.
3.  Any solution any man has to any such problems is – made up.
There may be nothing wrong with his solution, it’s simply made up.  How can there be anything “wrong” with something that is — MADE UP?!

“I say there; I don’t particularly care for Prince Charming’s attitude, or Snow White’s political views, or Muhammad’s description of God.”  (What, are you nuts…are you this stupid, or do you just pretend to be like all the ordinary cows?)


In the realm of imaginary matters, there are no experts, and even if there were, their expertise would be in matters imaginary.

Senior Fact: 

No one is an expert in altering consciousness.  Believe me when I tell you this, for I am an expert in the matter.


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