Mental Commentary

Without the mental concept of outside conditions being something separate from his internal ones, man would have no manipulable, serpentine consciousness.  Without this natural arrangement, there would not be those few cows, here and there, mentally muttering to themselves, and plotting escape from the warmth and safety of the herd.

 One cow’s secret cry:

“To hell with warmth – my colon is warm.
 Forget about safety – my lungs are safe.
What I want is the ability to see the spot
 where I can mentally step away
from this mass stampede.”

Blame the snow, 
but never your feet for not being webbed,
 or, vice the old versey,
and stay inside ‘til it melts.

If you do not combine and confuse the conditions of life with your mental commentary thereabout, you will not mistake the necessary for the useful, or the real from the imaginary, or in fact, even be interested in such notions.

Listen to your stomach,
Listen to your head,
But don’t necessarily,
Listen to your head.


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