Neural Juices

Man is an aquarium dropped in the sea.

Forget about, “As above, so below,” and focus on, “As out there, so in here,”
and “As in here, the same out there.”

You are a cow; you’re in a herd; individual cows and the herd move as one.  See it, accept it, forget about it, and learn to do useful mooing privately on your own, (even amidst the herd’s meaningless meanderings).

One man swallowed a house,
Then he swallowed a yard,
The combination of the two,
Made him believe he was conscious.


Why squander your neural juices on the squeaks of dead flutes, when live cobras are available.

Life runs with the herd; life RUNS the herd.  Cows do not realize: “There is no life outside ourselves.”


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