Conditions of Life

People, who waste their energy in life, waste it by complaining about the conditions of life.  The conditions of life appear to change because of people’s complaints about them.

Life allots each person enough energy for them to fulfill their role in the herd.  In a few people, there seems to be an excess sufficient for them to spend a little energy on just themselves. Why waste it at the movies?

You can look at the radio,
You can listen to the music,  
You can look at the radio,
and realize that apart from the music –
there is no radio.


Cattle believe that conditions control their lives, (although they do not think about it).   Ordinary men believe, (based on conditions), that their lives are controlled by whatever the commentary in their head says they are, at any given moment.  A man who has developed snake-still consciousness is beyond such illusionary mongoose concerns.


You can dance with your stomach,
You can dance with your mind,
And one of the two will make you dizzy. 


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