The Mystic’s Final Frustration

If you do not think about awakening in the right way, you can never awaken, and there is no way to think about awakening.  All you or anyone can do is think and talk about what you have thought and said about it.

The situation is indeed the mother-model for the word, “singular.”  Picture a scene wherein a certain group of people want to go to The Lost City of X.  They are full of descriptions thereof, and directions thereto, and yet not one of them knows what they are thinking and talking about. I do not mean just that none of them has ever been there.  I mean that they do not realize that what they are after is not really The Lost City Xan invention of their mindbut an understanding OF their mind.

This is not the half of it, for they cannot understand their mind, even if they get ON that track, and that is still not the end of it.  If they do finally undertake a journey to discover their own mind, it is most unlikely that they will ever realize that it cannot be done, and that they are NOT doing it.

This could be labeled:
 “The Mystic’s Final Frustration.”

This could also be described as the most difficult thing human thought can ever attempt; literally impossible, in fact…well, damn near.  It is so near impossible as for its achievement to be impossible to adequately describe, but this much can be said without any conditions:  that non- standard neural state called, “Liberation,”cannot be thought or talked about.  All apparent examples thereof are but thoughts and words, about what has been thought and said about the matter.  Just in front of the first thing ever thought, then said, about “Liberation” – WAS Liberation.

When you think about thinking, you are not actually thinking about thinking.  You could only have done that right BEFORE you began to think about thinking.  When you think about being Enlightened, you are not actually thinking about Enlightenment,for that is possible only the instant before you start to think about it.


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