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Talk is about words, and thought is about what you are thinking right now, about thoughts you have thought before.   When it involves any matter that you cannot touch, you only talk about words, and think about thoughts, and never get to the heart of what is actually going on inside of your own head.  This is the attraction of thinking – that the information you need to achieve Liberation is on the other side of the world.

“Better that the info be in Tibet than in my head.”
(For indeed it is easier to get to Tibet than it is to get inside your own mind.)

No one actually ever reaches, The Lost City Of X, (Enlightenment), as you imagine happens  when you start this journey.  But, those who DO reach it, do so by the realization that you do not.  The Lost City is your desire to go there; being Awake is the motivation to be so, and Enlightenment is knowing that you can’t think about it.

Amateur “waker-uppers” are always upset to hear such as I have put to words, and understandably so.  To inexperienced mental ears it sounds pessimistic and discouraging, but I assure you that it is anything BUT.  No one can be told this, and comprehend it at the beginning of this most marvelous of adventures, and damn few can tolerate hearing about it somewhere down the line – but there it is, nevertheless.

The most fascinating AND instructive thing about the neural state known variously as Liberation, Enlightenment, and Awakening, is that you cannot think or talk about it.  All you can do is think and talk about what you have thought and said about it, (and this is  INSTRUCTIVE please note.)  

My Regards to All Semi-Pros:       
Two things cannot be known directly,
only through examples of their manifestation: 
one is life, the other is the mind.


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