In Flight Again!

Here we are in flight again!  I didn’t know that you were such a fan of helicopters; since you seem to take particular delight in its ability to just hover in midair over the same location. (It is probably good that you are not an equal fan of symbolism in this instance, huh?)

If you recall, our original intention was to fly to Nice for a bit of R & R, but if hanging about in this same spot is your idea of fun, should it be up to me to make any comment?  Sure, it should and if I do not then who will…certainly not the thoughts which have presently commandeered the attitude of your mental flight.  They have the same physical trajectory of this chopper.  Come now and release the pilot from this state of suspension.  Tell him: “Onward!” toward the surf and sun – where there is light and action.  And on the way, I’ll tell you tales…

Ultimately, the biggest barrier to “Waking up” is in riding the same train you started on, and entertaining the same coherent daydreams about the destination that you have always had.  “Have a pleasant journey!” is not the kind of encouragement a real traveler needs.  What wouldbe profitable, but is most difficult to have, is a continual, self-caused, disruptive and jarring trip. “Being asleep” is being asleep, and everyone is comfortable when they are sleeping, which is why beds are more popular than my words.
                                          Look, there is Lake Geneva!
You are as awake in mental consciousness as you feel good physically, which is the basis for mystics’ monastic living; the potential physiological surprises and disruptions are kept to a minimum.  Outside of such artificial conditions, a man is left trying to make his thoughts of awakening override his physical feelings; a challenge that is formidable, if anything.

                                          Hey, there is the Italian border!


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