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If the most serious and dedicated mystics could suddenly be changed into world class athletes,  they would all abandon their prior activity. They could not help doing so. And can you help realizing what I am talking about?


It is extremely difficult to remember, but we ourselves are what we call, “Life,” and outside of us there is no life.

                                        Down to the left there, isn’t that Oslo? 


However foolish it may be to talk about ghosts, gods, and what happens after death, there is something more foolish than all of that:  trying to describe the life of man.

An expanded view of one of my past perspectives would be that rather than the few being participants in the mind wanting to understand itself, it could be seen instead as life itself trying to comprehend itself and is thus far doing so via the conscious thought it produces in man’s brain.

Man, the thinking creature, is the vanguard of life’s research, reflection and experimentation; and the few, the leading edge of This activity.

                                        Hey, down by that big rock, there’s Fred!


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