The Waking Up Project

Nothing is required of an enlightened mind, but the work of a distracted one is never done.  You can never get there from here as long as you believe that thought has correctly identified, “here.” 

You’re making no movement toward being awake as long as you think that you’re moving.  Nothing is required of a liberated mind, while the work of a distracted one is never done.

On the Waking Up Project, that which is labor intensive, is never the most efficient.  It will startle a traveler when he first hears that:  “It takes effort to stay asleep,” whereas the opposite is surely so.  Being asleep and distracted is automatic, while struggling there requires constant exertion.  Be that as it certainly seems, but nevertheless; it takes effort to support a sleeping mind as opposed to the, “nothing-is-required” state of an awakened one.

Only a still-captive, still-distracted mind has a concept of, “making effort.” To “be asleep” is to believe in fairy tales. To “be asleep” is to believe in effort.

To be deluded, in prison and in dreams, is to be busy.  You must in fact stay busy to stay asleep, stupid, and in jail.  To “wake up” merely requires that you stop dreaming in the daytime, and being dumb enough to believe that you will ever get out of a self-invented confinement.  All in all – simply abandon the busyness.

Let your conscious mind learn the art of relaxation from a master — from your instinctive one.

Oh, look – a shark with a watch!                                           


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