The Most Original Art

There is no work of art possible for a man that is more original than his waking up – it is nothing but “original” to him; not a variation or imitation of someone else’s awakening; it is always strictly his own original work of art.  That is why he prefers it to everyone else’s – he has no choice. The true awakening, enlightenment, and liberation of a man’s conscious mind is SO original and unique to each person as to be indescribable to anyone else, and those who try, simply reveal their lack of achievement. A man who really knows what’s going on cannot tell you, regardless of the willingness he might have to do so.  If you could be TOLD what is going on, you could already SEE what is going on. The only fun comparable to seeing what’s actually going on is the fun in learning HOW TO; the inestimable pleasure of creating your own original work of inner art, of recreating your own brain’s mental consciousness of life and of you, and becoming – on your own –a REAL artist. But be forewarned (if you are looking for a reason to get turned off of this kind of thing), the type of art created by the real artist cannot be put on display. You cannot take it out and show it to others, or even talk about it in a way to adequately impress anyone else with its magnificence…but I lie; you can, of course, do all of the above, and make a sham impression on other sleeping people. The blind will not merely follow the blind, but they will applaud their directions, wildly.


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