Your Brain

For those of you whose attention may have been entangled in other pressing matters, may I remind you that most of what you are is taken up by the body.  It is a statement of obvious fact, to say that its welfare is the primary concern of your most outstanding feature – your brain.   In areas both outside of your consciousness, and within the realm of thought your brain is constantly surveying your external environment, while monitoring your internal one as well.

Easy observation indicates that the conscious operations of your brain, has a lot of free time on its hands – time not taken up with physical plant maintenance.  From this leisure potential has come man’s culture; his creation of unnecessary, non-tangible interests which give his brain’s consciousness, pleasure.

If your brain’s conscious mind was overwhelmingly occupied with instinctive concerns, you would think of little more than food, sex, and physical comfort.  If your conscious mind was occupied principally with the matter of consciousness, you would think mostly about thinking.

The conscious minds of ordinary men deal in a combination of the two, their ratio shifting from moment to moment, and in reaction to changes in the physical circumstances.  Individual men may show a natural attraction to one of the two areas over the other; the crotch over the mind, or vice versa.  Men of similar inclinations may group together, and form cultures that reflect such preferences.

The minds of men who congregate at the corner bar are rarely concerned with the same subjects that are on the minds of those gathered at the university’s faculty tea.  It is obvious and incontestable that the minds of most men, most of the time, are focused on matters of the body, and not the mind.


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