Follow the Cake Crumbs

You can: act without thinking, and think without acting – but, only a man with three eyes can do both simultaneously.  There are no finite realities, only finite mental perceptions.  Thus is all ordinary thought relative and restless, making all it perceives appear likewise.

Sleep = Relativity:

Boulders more closely equate with being awake.

Then there is this thing that is a deity to another group of creatures, who, whenever they say anything to him, always lazily replies:  “Yeah…I know what you mean,” when in fact, he damn well doesn’t.  (I remind you, believers in a spirit-of-the-supernatural-within-man know more than they realize they know – but they got the wrong word.)

Hey, if you wanna, we can meet back here tomorrow.  You can find your way back here, right through the tangle of neural vines and all…huh?  All you gotta do is follow the cake crumbs I dropped along the way today.   ….WHAT?! – You ate them while I was talking?!  Hey, my kinda, save-nothing-for-later guy!


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