The Artist


The term “artist” has long been loosely employed by men, along with inconclusive attempts, to distinguish the bona fide from the faux. Today, as collateral that certain interest in consciousness that fuels these commentaries; I will address the question: “What is a REAL artist?”

A real artist is a person who likes their own work better than anyone else’s. This is true no matter the field; painting, music, movie making, literature and mysticism.  It makes no difference – it is always the same.  The real artist is he who prefers his work to all others.

The real artist is a person with an interest in a certain consciousness-conceived, second reality activity, who after investigation sufficient for him, cannot find execution of same that satisfies him, and proceeds to produce his own, initially for the sole purpose of fulfilling his own needs.

The work of real artists has a spotty history of popularity, or even acknowledgment, in that art in any of its forms that becomes popular, as a rule it will be an identifiable variation of something that has already been widely embraced.  Rarely does anything become popular that is TOO original stray TOO far from what the ordinary expect.

Examples of this in the visible areas of man’s cultural reality are sufficiently well known as to not need further comment here.  But in the unseen, inner realm wherein a few men attempt to create a true work of original art, which is nothing less than a re-creation of their own brain’s conscious activity.  Instances go not only unnoticed, but the physical circumstances are beyond the possibility of being noticed.


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