Be Direct

More Regarding The Excesses of Conversation:

Anything you say after, “Oh really?”… is unnecessary.

If something has practical veracity, then it must be valid from any direction – even the opposite, so, “buy one, get one free” would also be genuinely: “get one free, buy one.”


The big time waste of talent is in finding anomalies in the second reality rather than trying to comprehend its essence.  Dolts see a flawed world because of a crack in their glasses; anti-dolts are busy trying to find a home study course in glasses.

And finally: “Assorted, (and some might say), Oblique Approaches to Waking Up”:

Talk, don’t listen; write, don’t read; do – be not done to; go, never wait, and above all: never plagiarize or quote even from a hero or genius; be only yourself and original…even if it’s loopy.



Remember, make the dummy do his own talking…(and I am not at all certain that the above approaches should be called, “Oblique,” for they could scarce be less pragmatically direct.)

Until tomorrow, gang –
be direct —
QUIET and direct.



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