Tomorrow’s Imaginary Fire

Thoughts are serial – awakening is not.
Thinking about awakening is serial – doing so is not.
Pondering the progress you’re making toward awakening is serial – dah de dah de dah.


“I must do that which I have not yet done; I must complete that which I have left undone.  I feel confident that even though it did not arrive today, the cement will surely be here tomorrow.”  A man must have faith in the future; he must take heart from the progress he has made.  Zip a de do dah – toss another log on tomorrow’s imaginary fire.


If an inadequately prepared sojourner was made to believe that there really is “No Tomorrow,” he would be instantaneously disabled, and rendered unable to move.  His view of the awakening project would be fatally shattered, and him left in a prison of despair, while an alert traveler, when this information is made available to him, is LIBERATED.  He is set free from the totally confining dreams of, “I’ll be more myself and awake tomorrow; all I’ve got to do is keep working on it.”  Wamp bamp a lu bop – jump back in the alley.  

Ahhh – here’s the fresh coffee, hand me your cup…lean over and listen:           
Nothing is required of an awakened mind, while the work of a distracted one is never done. A man’s consciousness, when distracted, is consciousness asleep, and a man’s consciousness, when distracted by the wrong idea about waking up, is still consciousness asleep. 


Everyone thinks they’re in prison; it’s an illusion.
If you think you can get out – you’re more imprisoned than everyone else.


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