To Be Asleep

To “be asleep” is to pretend to know.

In Bolivia today, my pontiff, in the port city of Goniff; home of Jockomo Fee-Neye, who, in Spring of ’59 proclaimed himself the sole author of Euclid’s fourteen most popular axioms,
(an assertion that chronologically, some say —  doesn’t add up).  But we are not here to rehash some obscure mathematical debate, no my friends, no one knows why we are here…which is just how it should be in that no one really knows why they are anywhere – THEY just won’t face up to it.

Take a seat, and prop up your feet, right there on Paraguay while I tell you some stories:
To “be asleep” is to pretend to know what “being asleep” is.
 “Wanting to awaken”, (as its fans call it), is the world’s only game in which the participants
do not understand the aim, nor their starting position.  Any way you slice it, this is astounding.
But it gets even better – they pretend they are not aware of not knowing. 

If a man’s problem is that his foot hurts, he will undertake podiatric treatments until it is well.
If a man is incapacitatingly depressed, he will solicit pharmacological relief.  But those few women and other genders who carry the banner: “I am asleep, but wish to awaken,” feel themselves also to have a problem, (being asleep), one for which there is no clear diagnosis,
and thus no exact treatment. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention again the additional aspect of them not being aware of what I just noted.


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