Trying To Do The Impossible

Trying to do the impossible is the name of the normal mortal game, but same is pure insanity and foolishness for a man wanting-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-things.


Before you can gain a consistent view of enlightened reality you must have a plain, unprejudiced awareness of what you, by nature and temperament, ARE.  No pretending, no matter how minute, is permitted.  No brag – no anti-brag.  No nothing…nothing to say about yourself.


What of any importance is there to say about a waterfall, a mountain, an eagle?  In the physical world, everything is, simply, what it is, while in man’s mental world, (perforce), everything is how it COULD be.  This is how man’s life alone undergoes profitable change, but without a realization of thought’s true nature and position in all of this, an individual man is left hung out on a limb to never dry, and whose roots cry out forever for “Change! Change, dammit, what you ARE!”   (I regret to tell you this is not…how shall I put it…not PROBABLE.   How was that?)



A man-who-knows-what’s-going-on lives his life as it needs be led, and then gives that part of his existence no further thought.



Change, if you must, what can physically BE changed, then give up dreams regarding the rest. First thing you know – you are free of dreams, period…and thus as free as a man CAN be – period!


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