The Nature of Your Nature

People with the natural affinity to the idea of, “man living in a dream, but from which he can awaken,” in one sense, suffer over this unacknowledged situation more than everyone else.
Ordinary men accept it as the norm, (as periodically frustrating as it may be), while the few are in fact, (though unwittingly), attempting a head-on assault on the very nature of – Nature.




You will never understand the reality of what “being awake or enlightened” is, as long as you are operating under the delusion that a man can change what he actually is.



You surely realize by now that you cannot change what other people are, nor can you change the nature of life itself.  In telling you that you should and CAN change what you, by genetic physiology and temperament ARE, your thoughts do you no favor.



Real strength is in acknowledging your own essential weaknesses. 
Wise strength is in recognizing the nature, and literal limits of thought, 
and the abandonment of pretending – along with everyone else – otherwise.


A vital ingredient in holding man’s mentally-based, second reality together is the pervasive belief imposed on him, via the brain’s conscious thoughts, that he is capable of unrestricted change.  He is made to pretend to believe that he can change his behavior, change his mind, and (even though never so stated), can actually change the nature of what he individually by nature IS.



Such illusions, for ordinary men, make the second reality go round, but for the few are the source of all impotent efforts to achieve a non-standard state of mind.


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