Quick Word to the Wise

One entity used to sing to itself while it worked,
but since it never worked it never sang.
Another one used to work to itself when it sang,
but since it never sang, it put an ad in the paper. 

     Subliminal Message To Replace Moral: 
     Don’t count your sentences before…




                         P.S.  Don’t EVER let the gods have the first word.




Over in the Third Ward, a neighborhood ole-sorehead, in a fit of metaphorical melancholy, stated quite plainly that,
“Many people with indoor plumbing D-O-N-‘T D-E-S-E-R-V-E IT!”




  Yeah — okay, I know, time’s short, we’re all in a hurry-o, so,
“Quick Words to the Wise”: 
If everybody else considers it important — don’t waste your time.




            (When you’re from out-of-town, sometimes your opinions feel clammy.)


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