Job Done

This one chap who sometimes visits the City heard the proverb, “He with nothing to lose lives soundly,” and he wondered, “Could this be any way applied to thinking?”



 (Some news items are longer than other ones are short.)



Those whose feelings come to no end,
will surely live to feel again.
If how you feel you cannot say,
you’ll live to feel another day.

     (“Push ’em back, push ’em back, Rah-Rah-Roo; We got a winner in Episodic U.”)



                What a man sees is what he “needs” to see…ordinarily.



In the City, if you think about something hard enough, your brain will point in the opposite direction.



“In the correct execution of my duties as your ole man, I hereby tell you, kid, that it’s to your advantage to lie and tell the truth.  …Job done.”



 (All local laws lead to death.)




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