The Three Forces

Many so-called Work systems in their day attempted to point toward the reality of Three Forces necessary and inherent in all activities on this planet-of-man.  And while some used apparent religious terminology, as was appropriate for the people of that time and place, you have heard them called by much more objective, impersonal names.

This may disappoint the emotionally imaginative, but it is a much better starting point for new understanding in this day and place.  No matter the names and maps, the reality remains constant for the alert.

You have heard them referred to as just the “Three Forces,” with the First representing the Creative Force, the Second the Sustaining, and the Third the Destructive.

Even though we now speak of them in such words, you must be continually alert for the mind’s intrinsic desire to make the labels firm and rigid, and the names into substitute reality and a blind for understanding.

The reality behind these names is most potent indeed, but as always, it is a living reality and not ultimately subject to the limiting demands of the ordinary mind.  The reality behind the idea of the Three Forces is the ultimate reality of change itself; the reality of realities; the objective truth of the subjective suspicions; the unstable destroyer of dreams.


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