Future Force

A serious person must be able to transcend the impotent ideas of the past that made the forces into specific, individual god-figures and viewed them as separate, stable principals.  Such intellectual views are no understanding at all, and are yet another attempt for the mind to take a living, internal map and turn it into a manageable external one.  The time is far past for you to safely indulge in such satisfying fantasy.



No matter the pretext or apparent basis, anyone who says he understands “this-or-that-unchanging rule-of-the-universe,” indeed understands naught.  He may be a walking, talking compendium of exotic and esoteric maps, but he is a carrier of living-death; an unsuspecting supporter of past or present Forces.  As with all things, he serves his purpose, but it has nothing to do with the holy rebellion of the Few.



You have been further pushed to consider the reality of the Three Forces as being representative maps of man’s time:  his past, present and future.  Herein resides a method-of-methods.  It moves yet closer to the ultimate map in that it almost defies any attempt at verbal explanation and mere intellectual comprehension.



I could say that it is passingly possible to speak of two-thirds of this map, in that it may appear that you can mentally conceive of ideas of the past and present.  But justice prevails in that it is in the remaining force of-the-future that the method-of-methods awaits and the inflammable, creative potential eludes all reasonable exposition.



It is here, my friends, here alone that real effort lives.Not in the past, the force of destruction; and not in the present force of sustained, orderly process.They are both necessary indeed, but it is in the rebellious, extraordinary, un-orderly force of the future that our destination lives.This unknown journey leads in but one direction and all I do is point, point, point…


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