Auto Pilot

Archaeology unnerved:

In this universe, god’s name was originally, “auto pilot,” but it was too long for the marquee.

Tip:  Don’t ever assume that your mind is this universe, and that the above could be applicable,
+or, you too could be unnerved.




After decades of quite active consumerism, one day, this one man showed up at the complaint counter of the main store and declared, “I wish to return everything that I’ve ever purchased!” The name of the store was “Collective Intelligence.”




Take a lesson from Rover:  since even dogs will scratch where they don’t actually itch, what less can you expect from your mind?




One man attempted to so muse, “Well, if the mind is like a train, and consciousness is like a train station, then why am I tied to the tracks!?”  (This is another example of why the non-professional should not be allowed to handle metaphors.)




The reason that the social sciences (such as psychology, sociology, and economics) cannot engage in predictions with the same degree of success as can their harder counterparts, physics, chemistry and the like, is because, unlike their brethren, they seem unable to see life itself as all alive.



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