The Thinkers and The Behaviorists

One day a couple of planets were talking and the first one said: “How’s it goin’?”

And the second one replied: “Oh, real nice…mechanical and predictable, just like it should be, how’s by you?”

And the first one said:  “Well…alright, I guess.  But I’ve now got these creatures running around who can think, and the main thing they seem to think about is how they shouldn’t be so mechanical and predictable.”

And the second world gasped: “Are you serious?!”




In this world are two groups:
the thinkers and the behaviorists.
They’re both in favor of change,
but one bunch is shooting blanks.




The proof that the dumb don’t know how dumb they are is in the fact that if they did, they’d raise a stink about it.  (Oh, they’re certainly major “disturbance-causers” in many areas, but never about this specifically.)




Surprise, surprise, as soon as he awoke every morning, one man found his mind already running full speed.  Wait – you call that a fucking surprise?




One man was his own worst enemy, explaining that under his present financial conditions, it was the best he could do.




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