Thinking without Thinking

One Man Looks At The Mind:

“Commentaries are bad enough, but commentaries on commentaries – hey, give us a break!”



One man had special areas in his house: one where he’d do exercise, another where he’d do his reading, and another place where he’d paint and play music.  Question:  “Do you have such a house in your mind?



You could describe this new state of consciousness as: 
the brain thinking, but with nothing to think about.



A guy says, “Okay, you’ve convinced me, I distrust all object and nouns.  Now can you save me from certain operations and verbs?”



How It Goes – Upstairs:

Any question the mind has – has an answer – and it’s a waste of time.
Note:  You can however, make a meaningful distinction between an “answer” and a “survey.”




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