Reality is Duality

Intellectually, the life of a pauper and the life of a rich man are the same.  Except, they’re not – and yes they are.  And so what – what’s it to you fatso?

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A man’s level of consciousness is his personality, and will determine the extent of his understanding as surely as his height dictates the atmospheric pressure his head will experience.



To the ordinary mind, all reality is duality, but why must you stop there?!



One man tried the approach of remind himself, “It is not my stomach – but life’s; not my mind, but its also.”



A city spiritual advisor inquired of a man, “Would you prefer to be famous or of good health?”  And the man replied, “Tis too easy for you to ask, since neither is in your power to grant.”

(And might I ask of you, why you don’t use some similar approach as regards the many fine-sounding, but ridiculous things the old collective consciousness of man says to you via your mind.)



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