Saltwater Bill Sez

One day long ago, a man proposed to some other people, “Let’s all hang out together and talk about stuff we’re not interested in.”  And they decided to call it – civilization.



Another’s thoughts never strike deep enough for a real thinker.



Ole Saltwater Bill, that lonesome, alert blues singer on the docks, has a new one for all you music lovers entitled:  “Pouring Adrenaline On A Drowning Man.”  It’s hard to go down for the third time if you won’t go down for the second.



The reason that suicide is so much more popular around some yacht clubs than homicide, has to do with the better care one will give to his own boat than will someone simply paid to do so.



Those who do not the nature of allegory comprehend, see them everywhere.  When a real sailor looks at the sea, he sees water; when he looks at his mind – then he finds naval myths.


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