A Fish on a Line

When we finally deal
will we then understand?

Don’t count on it.

When we’re totally consumed
will we comprehend?

Perhaps then.



A Badder Ladder:

Those interested in the arts just do it to keep from having to study science.

Those interested in science just do it to keep from having a social life.

Those interested in a social life just do it so they won’t have to sleep alone.

Those who do sleep alone are those who have gas,
or who just don’t want to have to worry about any of this kinda stuff.



There is a non-physical sequence to life that men do not normally see, which is why they give so much attention to the one they do.



Any man who will point out “how life is,” and tell you “how it could be different,” is either just your own dumb-ass neighbor, or, perhaps a real thinker!  Who knows – what difference does it make?!



There is no doubt the mind
is like a fish on a line,
but who told the world out there
it could have a rod and reel?


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