No Stop Signs/No Brakes

If they told of such things in revolutionist camp, this would be one of the things they might tell about: One man progressed from, “Not asking for Mercy,” to not asking for anything.

A reader informs us:
“I have applied a personal, ‘mathematical formula’ to all of the Daily News.”

The primary world has no stop signs –
the secondary, no brakes.

A certain successful city father went to see a famous spiritual teacher and guru.  The man said to him, “My boy wants to come study with you, and there seems no talking him out of it.  And I will allow this, and will pay you the outrageous tuition you require, but in return I want one assurance, (and that is), after its all said and done, you will not end up by telling him that:  ‘A man-of-understanding, understands but one thing – and that is that no one truly understands anything.’  Will you give me such an assurance?”  And the holy one replied with his own question:  “Will you be paying in CASH?”  (Moral:  The only reason local life permits men to criticize, scoff or scorn it, is because it doesn’t give a damn what men think about it.)

If, you’re alive and not excited about having a mind, you’re not completely alive.


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