Must-Have Mojo

Immediately after lightning had struck the roadhouse for the third straight time, the jukebox began to flicker and then play this song which had not previously been there:

“The word, the word, the secret word;
From those who knew it, nothing is heard.
The Word.”

(It flashed one more time, and then resumed its normal operations.)

When it came to creative thinking, one man’s mind had two speeds:  Good and REAL Good.

Local ignorance laughed at the small size of the man’s weapon.  And the neural warrior retorted:  “You look in a mirror lately?!”

A man must come to realize that:  “I am part OF the answer.”

Nothing that men do makes any difference – but if they didn’t do it, everything would be different.

And now…no “wrap”:

A rebel’s got to have some mojo – even if he doesn’t have any.
And even if none exists – he’s still got to have some.


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