Man’s “Prison”

Then, (from the Neo-Academy, and Scorched-Earth Elysian Fields) came:

Man’s “prison” is one of his own making, and his key to freedom is also the chains that bind him – (notwithstanding the fact that he ain’t in prison, to begin with).

One chap, after many faithful and interesting years of educational pursuits in the city, came to a personal conclusion that, amongst the collective; “An academic degree is like being given a hole with a nice border painted around it.”

A chap sitting at a nearby table leaned over to muse:  “You know, when you’re dense in conversation, with being given to allegory – EVERY thing can sound like a metaphor for your mind.”

By saying one thing and meaning possible others, the secondary world of man blindly expands; by saying one thing and purposefully meaning more, so does the rebel’s – knowingly.  (Thus, in truth:  a revolutionist mind does not merely “play with words,” but rather uses them to continually create and re-create himself.)

During autopsy class the Professor of Anatomy noted to his class, (as he poked about in an open skull):  “You can always recognize the brain of a neural revolutionist by the fact that it will either be covered in skid marks, or it’ll have no ‘shoulder-of-the-road.’”


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