Taking Sides

Today’s “Morality Play” consists in part, of the following scene:

To help preserve his balance, and his good name, when his right ear became deaf, this one man sent his left one off to stay with his mother.

And that ole sportscaster called it like this:

To be “on a side”
is to be on a losing side.

Just for his own personal devices, one man secretly came to decide:

“Forget philosophy and religion; the one telling distinction in life is that between the animate and the in.”

As he sat out in the woods, near the edge of “no longer being a kid,” a kid thought:

“I wonder…I wonder if a part of the true secret to being creative is to have-the-ability, and in addition, not care whatsoever if anyone else ever knows it?!”  (His reflection in a robin’s eyes told the whole story.)

And one of the door-to-ceiling salesmen knocked at yours and inquired:

“A curious thing – well, okay not so much curious as it is neat and efficient – one curious and neat thing about life, in the secondary world, is that a man with a broken watch will oftimes run faster.”  (What?  You don’t find it all that neat?!  Okay, just go tell a rhinoceros or a cow about it and see how THEY react!)



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