How Can You “Know” More Than You Know?

If you don’t think-beyond-your-own-thoughts, you’re not using the mind to its full potential.

After having made this factual statement, it would not be unexpected that someone would ask:  “How do you do that?”  Not only can I not answer that question, but the answer to that question is totally beyond the thoughts that asked it…a fact which, (If you “get it”), answers the question.

What This whole thing is about, “A More Complete Awakening Of The Mind,” is transparently dependent on the mind.  What else is there to use in such an undertaking?  And yet a glaring, (though ignored), point of viscidity lies at the heart of this, (to wit):  What knowledge about your mind can your thoughts contribute, that is not already in your mind!? 

Plainly put:  “How can you ever ‘know’ more than you know?!”

Now one not so plain:  “How can you ever be more conscious than you are, at any moment you are thinking about being, ‘more conscious’?”  You cannot be.  This is the sticky problem that thoughts do not want to deal with – indeed they are by nature UNABLE to “deal with it.”  Right there is all the “Way To Wake Up,” that an experienced and perceptive man requires…which is why I say:  If you do not think beyond your own thoughts, you never use thinking to its fullest potential and if that remains the case – you will never wake up to what is really going on.


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