Thinking about Doing

Doing is instinctive, while thinking is second-order-instinctive, often appearing to be as much influenced by the external, man-made, cultural environment as by the internal, physiological one.  (But do take note that the trick term Is, “Appearing to Be.”)

Reminder Of Our Main Topic:

“Anything anyone says, (and ergo thinks), deserves to be mocked and ridiculed.”


“Ideas that can be offended, should be offended.”

If you believe that a particular idea is true and cannot see how it deserves to be insulted and offended, then you believe an ideal that is a lie.

“Ideas that can be insulted should be insulted and the more impressive they sound, the more they deserve to be insulted.”  (How “Rock Climbing” and “Wising Up” rules regard letting go of what you presently are holding onto are connected to offending that to which you presently hold to.)

Most people spend most of their time thinking about doing.

Mystics think about thinking,

and those who go beyond being mere mystics,

think about all the time they wasted thinking.


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