The Ground

The consistent “sensation-of-duality” underlying man’s perception of reality is all pervasive.  The secondary world is firmly structured thereon, and it facilitates rational thought and logic. It makes possible our manipulation of the environment and our alterable reactions thereto, and is the irreplaceable basis of all science.   But above all, (of interest here), is the fact that this “sensation-of duality” is the ground upon which all mystical questions and complaints stand.

Although all of ordinary consciousness is dependent on this duality concept, so also is all that troubles those with our interest.  The concept produces the impression of there being both:  that which is perceived and a perceiver; thoughts and a thinker.  Such is necessary for the basic operation of human consciousness, but such is also from what all complaints about consciousness arise, with the likes of us.

Whenever this one man would suddenly stop and silence his internal, mental world, he would instantly sense the presence of another unknown entity inside of him along with his normally perceived self.  No mystical imagination involved; just direct experience that there is another “something,” similar to “him” – in him.

People with no realization of themselves or of life are not aware of this phenomenon, (leastwise not enough to directly think about it or speak of it), but that other “something” is sure enough there in them and, in part, running and directing their life.  (Just outta random curiosity, can anyone spell, “Endocrine System”?)


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