To “Know Too Much”

If we lived in a different universe, the notion of enlightenment would be presented as existing in two separate forms:  The first would be in the great pleasure, that some receive in a lifetime of reading about it, thinking about it, and talking about it with other of a like mind.  The second form would be in the “hands-on” effort to actually experience it, and then to do so enough times to provide sufficient study material, by which to ultimately see the physical facts behind the concept of “enlightenment.”

There is nothing objectively wrong with enjoying the first form of thinking and talking about Satori, but neither should a person suppose that any harm will be done by him being aware if such is the-case-with-him.

A “little knowledge” can only hurt those who do not comprehend the nature of knowledge.

To experience enlightenment
 is to “know too much.”

To understand what enlightenment is, carries you far beyond the realm of merely “knowing too much.”  (You’ll have to figure this one out for yourself.)


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