Don’t Buy Retail!

Using the wrong system to awaken is:
like taking on an unnecessary partner in a business venture;
like wearing padded mittens while manually examining an intricate object;
like acquiring a brother-in-law when you’re not even married;
like paying more for an item than the asking price;
like singing one song to yourself while trying to listen to another.

(Don’t buy retail; cut out the middle man and deal directly with the source.)

Being “asleep” is being, “disturbed-of-mind,” and this disturbance arises from a struggle between two neural systems for dominance of your consciousness, and “wanting-to-awaken” can only be cured by seeing this situation for yourself.

Obviously, no one else can “see” it for you, but not so obvious is that no words from anyone else will make it clear to you.  You must keep mucking about and stirring things up internally until you discover it for yourself.  (Be a good union/management bargaining agent and “bring the two sides together.”)

Some men claim to know that your enlightened mind and your ordinary mind are the same.  But what is not easily understood is that the mind always says, “this is NOT their ordinary mind,” and not realizing this is what keeps them believing that they’re in the dark and asleep.


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