From the Strictest New View

On this one world, culture is available by the carload, and intelligence is sold by the pound; the stupidity mines are having to work double shifts.

In this one City with a pretty routine religious infrastructure, there appeared a guy who said the gods had sent him to tell ’em all to “Lighten up, enjoy what you can of this life.”  (He went on to note that this was a “Limited Time Offer” that would expire with his death, after which things would go back to normal.)

Part of the unseen—but felt—brilliant justice is that even those who don’t eat still must pay.

Fragment of Coversation Overheard (or Over Invented) —Opus Sixteen:

“Isn’t anyone who calls someone else ‘stupid’ stupid themselves?”
“Then what is the solution to this impassable conundrum?”
“There is none.”
“Oh, well certainly…I knew that.”

From the strictest new view,
the past got no more right to exist.

Say, look here, as long as you’re gonna have to pay anyway, why not go ahead and chow down.


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