The Decoy

A self-proclaimed fan, who says he’s been reading the Daily News with at least one good eye, has concluded that, “Adults want to keep telling kids ‘What kinda guys they are’ just to decoy ‘em into their own condition.”

“Little things mean a lot to little minds,” announced the first voice. 
“Yeah,” added his neighbor, “But so do stupid things.” 
And the initial noise processed this for a moment, and said, “Okay, we can live with that.””  (And their wallpaper had a sudden urge to look up the definition of “little.”)

A man who tells you that things obviously different are actually the same, is probably a better potential ally than one who tells you that the sale price was only good through Thursday.

More “Historical Facts You Can Depend On–Up ‘Til Now”:

There have been more odes written to kings than to beggars; why do you suppose that is? (Only the obviously undependable would respond to such an obviousness.)

(So, as to doing my share to keep the gears of the Secondary economy whirling and expanding, I offer this advice):   Never borrow money from someone who won’t pay you back.  (Those in the City who repeat the bromide, “What goes around, comes around,” seem to assume it’s a threat rather than sound fiscal insight.)

One ole guy with a head not unlike a pine cone pulled the kid up closer and confided, “Most all of what man has ever writ, was just to cheer himself up, or else to justify something he’d done or thought.”  And little Sir Nipper axed, “What’s the diff, Pop?”  And the oldster was struck speechless as some of the straw fell silently from his limbs.


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