Everything’s Important Somewhere

At the end of the conference, one man was singled out for particular praise and was specifically honored for his intellectual courage regarding his area of study.  As the assembly stood in wild applause, a kid just outside the door repeated the phrase, honored for his intellectual courage, and then correctly dismissed the whole bunch as a proper group of neural, city frauds.



When two submissive dancers meet, the advantage (if not match point) goes to the one who first detects the other – (assuming any advantage is potential).



When you really understand something, the beginning, middle and end of it are all pretty much the same, but this is far from boring – oh, no – quite the opposite.



In the twilight of his reign, a certain neural emperor took stock of his achievements as he surveyed his intellectual holdings and mused, “I inherited an empty wasteland, and I leave a thriving trailer park.”



Everything’s important somewhere.


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