Mirror Mirror

A quaint scientific reminder to those who continue to assail the authority of non-specific relativity and comparison shopping:  You can’t embarrass an elephant.



On The Day Of Judgment in one reality, their god told the next man in line, “Your life was a total waste; you appeared dumb, insensitive and undirected; your mere existence gives new meaning to the word ‘meaningless,’” and the little guy said, “I don’t guess it’s possible to get a second opinion?”



The only reason that certain ideas, activities and people are temporarily popular is so that we’ll at least have something that’s popular temporarily.



There is a man
who still doesn’t
the purpose of a mirror.



“Agreeable Moderation” was one of the names suggested for the new religion, but several of the big investors nixed the idea, saying they’d never see a profit at that rate.


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