Sack Your Groceries?

And shortly after that, they detained a man over on Fourth Street, on suspicion of having forged emotions.



During a slow week, the king established a new cabinet position – the Ministry Of Doubt.  (This was the beginning of his end.)



(Perhaps a word of caution might be appreciated here):

There is a universe
that’ll offer to
“sack your groceries”
whether you’ve been
shopping or not.



Over in this one reality, there’s a guy who’s in charge of all the words, and the really neat (or, at least, interesting) thing is that he won’t answer any linguistic questions.  (I could tell you similar stories regarding matters other than rhetorical, but some of our readers are annoyed enough as it is.)



People cry out for mercy, when what they want is power.  People cry out for help, when what they want is power.  People cry out for power, when what they want is revenge.  (In the final instance, they waste their energy; you can’t get even for being alive.)


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