Two Words

One guy says
his general attitude
can be summed up
in two words.



After much danger and personal risk, a citizen crossed the forbidden moat, scaled the palace walls, avoiding the ever-present guards, and suddenly appeared in the king’s chamber.  And just as he was about to be seized, the monarch motioned for a halt and bade the man speak his piece after all this effort.  The simple burglar wiped the sweat from his lip, clasped his hands together and said, “I have but one thing to ask, Your Grace – what the hell am I doing here?”



A note nailed to the wall in the public restroom near the Ordinance Depot asks, “If the answer to all problems is research and more research, then why have not problems been solved?”



You can’t jive blood.



At their last family gathering, one god admitted to a cousin that the whole thing was actually easier than it looked.


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