Give Gap – Take Gap

As he increasingly attempted to enter new neural areas, the older part of his thinking, in its efforts to retain some control and direction, put up, at the juncture of the two, a sign that said:  “Give Gap – Take Gap.”


Regardless of what many of the addicts (weakened by years of abuse) would have you believe, the cure for mathematics is not more mathematics.


When he finally reached
the end of his tether,
this one guy asked,
“What the hell’s a tether?”


A couple of deities were sitting around jawin’ and one of ‘em said, “One of the neat things about being a god is that you can be nice, even encouraging, to your inferiors and it costs you nothing, whether you mean it or not,” and a kid bussing tables nearby thought, “Jeeze, that’s just how my new thinking treats me.”


Whenever he felt he was about to have a “Real Good Thought” this one king would give a secret “get ready” signal to the royal photographer.  (You might be interested in a note from some viewer who says he thinks I make too frequent use of kings and the like in my stories, even if they are metaphorical, and that he doesn’t like the whole idea of monarchies and royalty, even a little bit, and he concluded by asking if I knew of any nearby “King Schools” or even correspondence courses in Tyranny and Lordshipism.)



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